These will shock you. This is 100% real. Before we go on let me tell you some things you can absolutely say to a pregnant woman:
“You are so beautiful”, “Can I do anything for you”, “I am really excited for you”, “your pregnancy is progressing great”, “You are so strong”. 
Catch my drift? They are nice things. You can say nice things and they will be taken nicely.

These are 13 questions that real people really asked me about my pregnancy… and my answers.
1. Are you sure you’re not having twins? Or that you’re not already in your third trimester?​​​​​​​
Don’t call a pregnant woman big. Don’t do it. It’s just rude. What? Are you expecting a thank you?

2. You’re only 22? Oh honey! No.. that’s too young
Right after this lady said this, her husband looked at her and said “honey, you were 21 when we had our first”. Ouch.

3. Would you consider having an abortion?
No. No. NO! What? Why? am I an unfit parent? Why would they ask that? Life is so precious.

4. Are you okay? Are you scared? Were you suicidal finding out you’re pregnant?
Because I had said “I’m not sure what antenatal means”.

5. Oh, and so is your husband the father?
Ummm….. are people for real? Y-E-S. Also the sky is blue.

6. Wait, are you even old enough to be married?
No... I'm 5

7. Can I have a selfie with your bump?
No.. you cannot. 

8. Holy crap! You’re huge now
Thanks. That just made my day. You are a very kind person to point out all my insecurities.

9. Oh if the pregnancy wasn’t planned then… was Josh happy?
Yes he was happy, I didn’t trick him… it takes two to tango ;)

10. You’re naming her Elle? And you said that’s a Spanish name? But you’re not Spanish.
So what? It’s a pretty name.

11. You’re pregnant? Ohh… I thought you were just slouching weird.

12. You should be more excited. Some people can’t even get pregnant.
Look, everyone has a different journey, I don’t mean any disrespect. I’m not ungrateful… but when I say that I had fears about being a mother that’s a legitimate feeling and I’m allowed to feel it. There’s enough emotion in pregnancy without adding judgement.

13. Who told you it’s a girl? No you look like you’re carrying a boy. Are you sure?
Genitalia generally gives a better indication than old wives tales.
The thing is that some of these questions and comments were intended to be mean and rude but a lot of them were from well meaning people. It has become clear to me that society isn't so good at speaking to pregnant women. Pregnant women are not weak. They are not fat. They are not whiny. They are strong and beautiful and their bodies are doing incredible things. So lets back them up with kindness!
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