For some of us being single is short lived and others are single for decades, some even a life time. It's a tough thing to talk about because there is so much belief in today's society that you should get married, buy a house and have children. But there are just other ways of doing things. 
But when it catches up to you and you sit there thinking "being single sucks" also remember that "being with someone that isn't right sucks way more". In the mean time. Here are 7 things you can do as much as you like while you're single (and if you're lucky then in a relationship too).

1. Go shopping and then go shopping again
When you are in a committed relationship money is usually shared. If you're good with managing money you'll give yourself some money to spend but it's just not the same. So shop while you're single, for whatever you want. Buy yourself a Krispy Kreme donut and that new pair of skinny jeans. Then buy that painting you wanted in your bedroom.
2. Roadtrip with friends​​​​​​​
I'm not saying you can't do this in a relationship, but you'll have more time to do it while you're single. See when you're single you can just go when you have time off work. When you're in a relationship you both need to have time off and it just proves a little more difficult to find the time. And then there's always some aspect of planning. Spontaneous is always more adventurous.
3. Go to the cinemas and enjoy your own popcorn
Guess what! You don't have to share your popcorn when you're single. You also don't have to sit through their loud chewing while you're trying to watch the movie. You can also put your feet on the chair next to you and get comfy. I'm married and I still see movies by myself a lot... because I like the popcorn.
4. Eat ice-cream for breakfast
I remember telling my dad once that when I grow up I'm going to eat ice-cream for breakfast as much as I want. And I did when I was single! I woke up, ate some ice cream and then ate breakfast. Not every morning, but if I wanted to I could. It's called freedom and it's great. But now, my husband is into health and fitness and although he lets me do it if I want, he "highly encourages" me to keep off the ice cream on most occasions. It's not as fun now.​​​​​​​
5. Write letters to your future spouse
Write letters! You may or may not currently know the person, but write them a letter. Tell them something hillerious that happened today, tell them that you felt lonely and you can't wait to meet them. Tell them why you're grateful for this time in your life being single. Tell them you enjoyed your popcorn but you can't wait to share it with them. And then one day, give it to them on your wedding day.
6. Progress in your own life
Don't wait around! Start doing things now. If you want to travel then do that, you can always do it again. If you want to build a career, start now. If you want to save for a house, do that. Heck if your time is ticking and you want kids then why not look into foster care? Don't wait around for "the one" to come. Because the best time to meet someone is when you are fully content by yourself.
7. Smile
Take life in. Think about today. Tune into your senses. Because today will flash by in a moment. And you don't want to look back with regret that you missed it. Enjoy the sunset, enjoy the fresh air. Go out and adventure, create and smile. Be happy and content. Because guess what? It is really attractive when you are being you and you are genuinely content and happy.
Thanks so much for reading,
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