My alarm goes off at 7am, I turn it off and go back to sleep. I think to myself "I'll start waking up at 7am tomorrow, I am way too tired now to get up". Before being a mum I never slept in! Isn't that ironic? 9 out of 10 nights Elle sleeps until 5am, Josh gets her and brings her into our bed and we all go back to sleep while Elle nurses, there's normally a few bladder kicks in there... but she does go back to sleep. Elle and I wake up around 8:30 and Josh fights to sleep in longer while I get up to make coffee and Elle proceeds to attack his face, and eventually he gets up too. 
I check my phone and normally I have one or two messages, I read them, think of a reply and then don't reply... until a week later, then I reply. That's another thing I just suck at now! I suck at replying since becoming a mum.
Josh and I have coffee together and normally the first thing we talk about in the morning is how good our coffee's are. We're just cute and boring like that.
I normally shower until the water turns cold, and then complain that Josh wastes so much water rinsing one fork. I listen to super cheesy music in the shower. Like today was "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen. I'm not a music lover, I just love things that makes my mood happy.
From there on in each day is different. Either Josh works or I work or we go on an adventure. We have 1 car at the moment so sometimes Josh will go to work and I'll catch a bus somewhere or just go for a walk with Elle in the carrier. Winter is kind of depressing for me because I just hate being cold. If I could change one thing about myself I'd want to be more tolerant to cold weather. But I just hate it so much. I also tend to hate wearing heavy layers so I just hang out indoors for half of the year.
I'm a terrible sucker for chocolate. My strategy to be healthy is to not have any junk food in the house, that way I simply don't have the option to eat it. But we live a 2 minute walk from a Foodland so I tend to just grab Elle, walk over and buy some chocolate. I guess I justify it because I've just gone for a walk. But anyway, Elle loves the change of environment and getting outside and chocolate makes me happy.
A lot of everyday is taken up by nursing Elle. I normally do this while eating, or journalling or on my off days I just watch Netflix. But one or two feeds a day she is super fussy and she pushes my phone, or food away and demands my attention. It's super cute, and then I just look at her and sing "Michael Finnegan" about 20 times and she goes to sleep.
Elle's in this stage at the moment where she loves to stand up and she will use anything to help pull herself up, but she can't actually stay up. So a lot of my time and energy goes into ensuring she won't fall and bump her head... or it's time and energy comforting her after she's fallen and bumped her head. It's the same with crawling. She's learnt how to crawl, but she hasn't mastered the art of not crawling straight into the wall. But it's honestly amazing to see how much she can do after just 8 months. She's amazing, very strong, and really peaceful... well, most of the time.
When she's napping I either do uni, pretend to do uni, sleep, or actually clean the house, or just scroll through Instagram for an hour. I love scrolling through peoples travel pics on Insta. I am itching to travel the world, but I'm just really bad at money management... and not buying pretty things.
Some days I work, and Josh stays home. I find work really fun, I love working a busy restaurant and I think it's good for me to be away from Elle every once in a while and be around other people.
Josh and I both spend time being creative, building creative portfolios and using the adobe suite. He writes songs and film scripts, I like to draw in illustrator and I have this blog. That's not an everyday thing but I hope it can be soon. I love to bake and write recipes, so I do that sometimes too.
Everyday is so vastly different, some days we are so busy doing who knows what and some days I actually get so bored. But each and every day I make Elle smile and I make her laugh. There's loads of nappies involved an always tears cried.
Elle's in bed by 8pm sometimes, other times it's 11pm. But usually we have time in the night to do whatever. Josh and I have always been able to talk forever without running out of things to say... so most nights we just do that.
My days look a bit different than they used to. I sleep way more, but I'm a lot more tired (I think it's the breastfeeding). I seem more organised with uni study because I have to be, and because I've gone down to part time. Mostly everything I used to do I still do but it either takes more time or more money... or both. But I feel a lot more purpose surround my life.
We have some weeks where we have someone over every day or go out to different events or parties. And weeks where we watch 10 movies and stay in our PJ's. 
But each and every day I am grateful for my life. I have learnt that in order to do that, I needed to stop comparing myself to others. My life is fantastic. I love it.
Thanks for reading, 
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