This place is absolutely spectacular! 
What was a little less incredible was finding the place. We typed "crystal quarry" into google maps, it came up with a location and we drove there. It led us to Anstey Hill which led us up a steep hill. It was a beautiful walk in nature and from the top of the hill you could see the city scrapers.
However there was no water to be seen so don't make that same mistake. If you want to go here the best way is to type into google maps "Lucky Hit Farm, Birdwood" continue on that road until you get to a fenced off area. That's the quarry. Jump the fence and go for a short walk and up the hill. And you'll see it.
When you first see this spot it will leave you breathless. It was one of those things you see and can't believe how beautiful it is. I couldn't stop staring. The crystal clear waters and the high cliff faces sure left its impression on me. Safe to say this is one of the coolest places in South Australia I've seen so far.
(Belly bump^^ 21 weeks pregnant in this photo)
We had the whole place entirely to ourselves which was awesome. I wish we brought a picnic to enjoy and it's definitely somewhere to spend more time next time on a warmer day. When we went the water wasn't as high so we didn't end up jumping in but it's a good secret spot for a cliff jump. 
But this is a total hidden gem, it's an hour away from Adelaide city and it's so beautiful. So if you have the day off grab a friend and go for a drive here. You'll have a great time, guaranteed.
Thanks for the read, tag me if you check this place out yourself. xx
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