Hey hey,
Sometimes life just sucks a little bit. Whether its a bad day, week or sometimes a month. Maybe the bills are piling up, maybe you're missing someone or fighting with someone you love. Maybe you're sick or gotten some bad news. Or sometimes you're just in a bad mood and there is no explanation you just are. As much as we all love a good netflix and chill day it's not healthy for that to be our every day. As we go on with our day to day lives it's important to find time to have fun and to keep our inner child alive. I'm no expert in the area but I did go through a rough patch where I was studying full time, working 3 jobs and trying to maintain my marriage, friendships and taking on too many new things. I had no time for fun. And let me tell you when I did finally burn out it wasn't from lack of sleep (well it played a part) but I was emotionally done. I had nothing left in me to give.
Having fun gives you energy. It's a reboot into your day. No matter what I do or how important I am, I know that it's always important to have fun. The problem is you don't always feel like it. Unless you're my husband, then that's all you feel like. But when you have a headache or you're really upset here's what you can try.
Start off with something small, something different. Turn off netflix. Then have a shower. This will refresh you and get you ready. After this wear something slightly out of your ordinary. Wear a colourful scarf, or some giant eearings. This will begin to get you in the mood. If you're like me and you don't really know what you find fun. Pick something. And do it. Stay positive. Invite a friend to do something you wouldn't usually do. Do a spontaneous road trip to the beach, or go pick flowers.
Obviously not a big fan of the iron ^^ :')
Make something. Create. The point is this: when life sucks and you don't feel like having fun the best way to beat this is to just go. If you tell your boss you need an extra half hour for your lunch break today, you won't want to waste that. So go, do something. Be different. It's so important to keep your mental and emotional health in good condition. And when it is time to get back to work... you'll work harder because your endorphans will be flying around.
No matter your age or situation. Don't forget to have fun, to be a child and to create because you were made to do that.
Thanks for reading. xx
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