I was shocked at some of the realities of pregnancy. Before I was pregnant I would hear people complain about all these things and think "yeah yeah, I won't be like that". And while I still think this in regards to some things, I have been enlightened through my own experience of pregnancy.
This is my first pregnancy and I'm only 28 weeks through it so don't get me wrong, I know I'm not all knowing on the subject. In fact, I feel like I know nothing about pregnancy even now. But this is my experience so far.
With societies recent fad around the transgender community I couldn't look up ideas for a gender reveal on Pinterest without getting several pop ups about why not to have a gender reveal. One article mentioned we shouldn't celebrate what we don't know. I don't mind whatever you want to do, but science seems pretty solid with the whole XY chromosome thing. When I hash-tagged our gender reveal on Instagram I actually got a message from someone saying "shame on you..." I won't repeat the rest because point is it was nasty and that's all that matters.
What I have learnt in these last 28 weeks is that people do not know how to talk to pregnant women. Don't tell me I'm too young. Because firstly, I'm not. And secondly, if I were too young... it's too late. So unless you own a time machine what's the point in bringing someone else down?
I love when people offer to help me, but it feels belittling when people literally just take things away from me and say "stop, you're pregnant". I'm still fit... I know my own limitations and I would never push myself too hard in a way that would harm my baby. It's always nice when people offer, and I'll normally say yes please.
Pretty much everyone that I'm close with has a different opinion on just about everything. And that would be fine if they said it and left it, but a lot of people say something and then say "you agree with me, right?" or they make it sound like you'll be ruining your child if you do it any other way. But don't we all ruin our children just a little in our own way? No one is perfect. But it's like Jesus said, "let him who is without sin throw the first stone". They're gonna grow up, you're still growing up (as per always). Remember, you're never going to be perfect on the first try, so stay calm and don't worry about it. You'll figure it out.
My personal experience being pregnant is:
First Trimester: Freaking out about the truth of the fact. Beginning good habits. Throwing up a lot. Eating a lot of grapes. Praying like crazy. Got therapy to process my fear on becoming a mother.
Second Trimester: Had lots of energy. Saw a personal trainer and started moisturising everywhere. Told people, had a mixture of responses (mostly good). Did study and work but everything was slower and I pushed myself less. Found out my baby's gender, fell in love with my baby girl in an instant.
Third Trimester: Hardly into it yet. So far everything hurts, everything is uncomfortable. Having to talk to everyone about everything about pregnancy but nothing to do with the rest of my life... which can get tiring, I like to talk about me every once and a while you know? or like literally all the time (sorry not sorry).
There is no need for rude comments, think before you speak. Say something like "I love sharing this journey with you, I notice a change every week I see you" or something simple like "you look great today". I remember I felt super insecure when I started growing and I sent my sister in law a photo of my bump, she responded "you look beautiful" there it was, such a simple comment... but it made me feel really happy. 
Pregnancy for me has felt like I am no longer significant. Like my life is all about baby and mothering and how my life will change. But God blessed us with roughly 9 months to prepare for this season, and a lot of life happens in that time. So don't forget the woman behind the bump.
When it comes to opinions, here's mine: love your child, with as much love as you possibly can, care for you child in whatever way YOU see best. There is so much controversy and if you have been blessed with a child, then it means God trusts you in your methods, your opinions and your judgement calls. You'll get too confused if you listen to everyone else. The way I see it, the number one mistake you can make as a parent is to not love your kid. So do that, and you'll figure the rest out.
Love conquers all.
Thanks for reading 
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